Teeth Diseases

Where Do Teeth Diseases Come From

The problem with paradentosis is very widespread. Whether there is an influence maybe diet on it because from time to time it can be read about the bad influence of carbonated drinks like coke. Click here if you want to visit the website.

These are diseases with a very diverse etymology. In addition to poor hygiene of mouth, bad habits, genetics and other factors, surely nutrition has an effect on both diseases. Nutrition is important from the pregnancy of a future child onwards. Sweets and over-processed foods that have lost vitamin value affect the onset of caries and paradentosis, since we should not forget that teeth are a chewing organ. Carbonated drinks are harmful but more for other organs than for teeth and gums.

Implants are modern remedies in dentistry. They provide various options, especially when the patient wishes to avoid wearing mobile prosthetic restraints. In advance, it is not possible to predict whether the organism will accept the implant 100%. Sometimes it happens that even when the organism accepts the implant, it comes to a rejection after a prosthetic restoration is put on it. Before that, it must be pointed out that prosthetic remedies with implants require flawless hygiene, much higher than in all other prosthetic care.

Our market is now fully supplied with mouthwash products, from different manufacturers and they are all good. Our people do not have the habit of using them, so dentists always recommend them to patients. In a normal situation, they should be used in a diluted condition three times a week, best in the evening after washing your teeth. The concentrate is used after some surgical intervention, or the disease is directly on the mucous membrane of the mouth.

Are chewing gums really as bad as they are thought or are there those that contain medicinal substances?
Chewing gum is not harmful and neither medicines. They stimulate the salivation of the saliva, which in this case is more advanced and thus participates in the “cleaning” of the teeth.

How much can irregular chewing contribute to the development of a headache and is there an upper limit for correcting this deficiency?
An irregular chewing or bite can lead to unilateral or double-sided pain or even sweating in the jaw. It can be very painful for a patient. In these cases, care is taken both by conservative methods and by regular prosthetic treatment, and in severe cases even by surgical intervention.

Nervous tension and stress are situations that adversely affect the immune system, and therefore it can more easily come to some systemic disease that can be reflected in the oral cavity. There are some problems that arise as a result of a droplet infection, which is the result of a fall in the immunity of the organism.

Maintaining the mouth hygiene using an alternative medicine is always desirable. For example, sage is a plant that has bactericidal and analgesic properties. It is recommended to rinse mouth in patients with prosthetic supplements.

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