What Types of CBD Products are Available?

What Types of CBD Products are Available?

As CBD increases in popularity, all sorts of amazing CBD products are coming into the marketplace. CBD tinctures, CBD lip balm, CBD lotions, and even CBD hand sanitizer. This can be a little confusing for anybody that is searching for the right CBD remedy to add to their lifestyle. What works? What doesn’t? What is safe? Although there are millions of products available, it is best to get your CBD from a company that has a great reputation and produces hemp extract products from healthy hemp plants. Here are some CBD products that are useful and are great if you purchase them from a good source.

CBD Full-Spectrum Tinctures

Full-spectrum CBD tinctures are hemp extracts that contain the full spectrum of the hemp plant. In most cases, a tincture is extracted from the hemp plant by way of a solvent that breaks down the fiber of the plant and pulls the cannabinoids and flavinoids from the solids. Supercritical carbon dioxide is a very popular method because C02 is non-toxic and does not taint the extract. Tinctures are made so that the user can simply drop a couple of drops under the tongue to administer a dose.

Isolate CBD Tinctures

CBD is a cannabinoid that is present in the hemp plant. When the cannabinoids and terpenes are extracted from hemp, they include a variety of different compounds, including THC. When the extraction takes place and purposefully strips away all of the other compounds and only leaves CBD, it is known as a CBD isolate tincture. In this case, the CBD is isolated from the rest of the compounds and sold as pure CBD.

CBD Body Lotion

CBD body lotion is an exciting creation that allows for special healing and extra moisturizing of the skin. In most cases, the lotion is made with fragrant oils that help to relieve skin dryness and sun damage. This kind of lotion not only smells wonderful, but it also has a dose of CBD that can help to relieve stress and discomfort.

CBD Lip Balm

CBD lip balm is great when it comes to moisturizing and replenishing dry and chapped lips. It has a hydrating combination of beeswax and natural oils that blend right in with the dose of CBD that is nestled inside. It softens the lips, making them look healthy and lustrous.

CBD Gummies

CBD gummies come in a wide variety of flavors and sorts. Some can be infused with powerful anti-oxidants and natural flavors so you get a relaxing experience that helps you stay healthy and boosts your immunity. The CBD is encapsulated in a gummy form so that when it hits your digestive system it won’t burn up in your stomach acids. This way leads to better bioavailability and ensures that more of your dose goes to the parts of your body that you intend it to. They taste fantastic and help to absorb the CBD better.

CBD Softgels

CBD softgels are an incredibly convenient way to take CBD. They come in a bottle, just like aspirins or vitamins, and are in the form of a capsule that has a gel-like covering. Each pill contains a specific dose that is measured out in the process of making them. All you have to do is pop a softgel in your mouth and swallow it. You don’t have to measure anything out, just grab and go on with your life. Like the gummy, it is covered in a protective cover that will allow it to go through the digestive system and do its job without being dissolved in the stomach acids.

CBD Products at High Falls Hemp NY

High Falls Hemp NY is a respected hemp farm in NY that has made a difference in the community. Any and all CBD products that are produced from High Falls Hemp have an authentic, healthy background that does not include harmful pesticides or toxins. From seed to soul each product that touches each customer has been grown and produced with love and care. Make sure you get your CBD products from a company that doesn’t take shortcuts and goes the extra mile to ensure quality and safety.