What Are Top Advantages of Dental Implants?

What Are Top Advantages of Dental Implants?

If you are looking for an exquisite method to replace a missing tooth, dental implants are sure the best. Researches prove that dental implants have a high success rate, and they are right. Based on a dental implant center in North York, the patient satisfaction rate has increased to 97% within the last 15 years. These numbers are sending us a message: dental implants have completely fit into dentistry are they are becoming more popular than ever. Studies confirm that dental implants are a reliable method if you are willing to have a long-lasting tooth.

Why Dental Implants?

Do you have a cracked tooth? Is your root canal totally damaged, and do you need a tooth extraction? As we all know, there are at least three methods to replace your missing tooth: dentures, dental bridges, and dental implants. If you just look up the internet, you will realize that dental implants are the most effective solution. Here a huge WHY comes to mind; why are dental implants so popular? Well, patients who have received dental implants have the answer. Almost 98% of patients are fully satisfied with the results. The main reason that people prefer dental implants is that they look exactly like natural teeth. This returns your confidence to smile again and gives you the courage to show yourself in social events. Another reason is that dental implants are more than just cosmetic surgery; they are designed to improve your oral health as well.


Dental Implants Restrictions

We can’t stress enough that dental implants are a suitable option if you want to replace a missing tooth. However, this may not be the best solution for some of us. Alongside the many benefits that dental implants bring, there are few restrictions to this procedure. In the following, we will mention some of them.

  • Generally, dental implants are categorized as cosmetic dental surgery. At the present time, most insurance companies do not cover dental implants. It is necessary to check with your insurance company beforehand.
  • There is an age restriction to dental implants. For this procedure to apply properly, your jawbones need to develop fully. Therefore, the patient’s age must be 18 at least. We have to mention that this is not a fixed number. Whether one is a good candidate or not is decided by a dental implant surgeon.
  • Dental implants are an effective solution to replace a missing tooth. They are recommended to anyone who is in normal health, but what if you are expecting a baby? Well, if you are pregnant, we suggest that you wait until your baby is born. Dental implant procedures might be stressful and may affect your baby’s health; that’s why you need to wait.
  • There is a huge probability that dental implants meet with failure if you have diabetics. For diabetic patients, it will take a long time to heal completely, and the risk of infection may increase. In the end, it’s your doctor who decides whether dental implants are suitable or not.