fast acting edibles

What Are Fast Acting Edibles?

CBD (cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid extracted from cannabis plants used for aiding in the process of relaxation and providing many more benefits to the human body. Millions of adults use CBD products like tinctures and vaporizers, but the most popular way to take CBD is through edibles. If you are familiar with the hemp and CBD world, then you know that most mainstream edible products have one main setback, and it’s the amount of time needed to allow them to take effect. Most CBD edibles take at least an hour to feel any kind of effects, and for most people that is just too long to wait for relaxing relief. New, fast-acting edibles are changing the game and the market of CBD edibles, and for good reason.

The Difference And Why It Matters

The two main benefits of a faster acting edible product are;

knowing when to Dose

A large percentage of CBD users rely on the relaxing effects to help them in falling asleep, and given the unknown and long waiting time for a traditional edible product, it makes it difficult to know exactly when to take a dose and when it will be fully in effect. Fast-acting CBD edibles can take effect within just 15 minutes, taking the guesswork out of when to dose and when you will feel the full effects. For users that need relaxing relief to help with anxiety, they often cannot predict ahead of time that they will need this relief, and end up waiting up to two hours to feel the full relief of a traditional edible. A fast-acting product allows these users to feel relief when they need it, and not have to wait for an unknown amount of time to feel the full effect of their dose.

knowing How Much to Dose

When taking an edible for the first time, whether you have taken other edibles in the past or not, it can feel difficult to know how much to take to feel the effects you desire. When you have to wait up to 2 hours to feel the full effects, you may be tempted to take more without knowing just how the first dose will affect you and can result in taking too high of a dose. The same can be said for too low of a dose, you can take an edible and wait around for two hours just to find yourself still waiting to feel relaxed. With an edible that takes full effect in 15 minutes, you know much more quickly and positively if you need to take a higher dose or adjust future doses to fit your needs perfectly. A quicker acting edible keeps you in control of your dose and experience from start to finish.

fast acting edibles

Let’s Summarize

CBD edibles are used to aid adult users in feeling relaxed and calm, but have some setbacks in the traditional sense of time they take to reach their full dosage effect. The usage of a faster acting CBD edible can change the users experience entirely and give them more control of their dosage and relaxation experience. Knowing your dose will take its full effect within 15 minutes allows you to better plan your dosage, and when you want to take it to feel the effects. This also allows you full control of the amount you are dosing, and takes the guesswork out of trying new doses. Knowing exactly how the dose will affect you within a smaller amount of time gives you leeway to take more of a dose without the fear of taking too much. A fast-acting edible keeps you in control of your dose, your experience, and helps you get on to the rest of your life quickly.