The Best Hemp Farm in New York

The Best Hemp Farm in New York

New York is a spectacular state full of wonder, excitement, and adventure. Athletes, movie stars, musicians, and billionaires are common in the great state of NY. But what about hemp and the CBD industry? Can a hemp farm in New York count as a celebrity? After you read this article, you may have a different opinion of the hemp industry as a whole. What is the best hemp farm in the great state of New York? Keep reading and you will find out.

What Makes a Hemp Farm Great?

As you are probably already aware, CBD is becoming more popular and accepted throughout the United States. What made this possible is farmers around the country planting, growing, caring for, and harvesting high-quality, healthy industrial hemp. Without high-grade, healthy hemp you will not get high-quality CBD. The farmers that took the time and consideration to envision a crop all the way through and make that vision happen are the ones that we can thank. A hemp farm that produces great hemp plants, is a great hemp farm.

Harvesting with Care

New York is one of the states with stricter laws regarding hemp growth and production. By law, hemp plants that have a higher THC content than 3% are considered marijuana and illegal. This means that if the farmer lets the hemp grow for too long, it can produce too much THC and become illegal. If the hemp plants are harvested too soon, on the other hand, they can produce a low amount of CBD and become worthless. Ther is a fine line and a balance that farmers have to adhere to in order to make a profit, and keep the plants within the legal limits.

The hemp plants have to be harvested at exactly the right time, and they have to be handled and dried precisely accurately unless they give way for molds and mildews to grow on the flowers or buds in the drying process. If the plants are not dried out correctly without the proper ventilation, they will allow molds to grow on them that will corrupt and contaminate the whole extract. Because of this, hemp farmers must take extra care and caution during the harvesting and drying process.

Third-Party Labs

Third-party lab tests keep the hemp farmers honest and in line. Every CBD product that is created on a hemp farm has to be sent out for examination to a third-party company that conducts tests to see the content percentage of all the cannabinoids, the presence of toxins and molds, and the overall quality of the extract. The hemp farms that proudly display their lab results and make it easy for consumers to see them are doing their part to keep everybody safe and healthy. If the hemp farmers raise the hemp properly, harvest the plants at the perfect time, and implement the drying and extraction processes exactly the way they are supposed to be done, the end product is pristine, clean, and free of toxins. If any of these crucial steps in the growing process was done wrong or pushed through the lab reports will show it.

So Who is the Best?

The best hemp farm in New York is the community of farmers that do things the way they are supposed to be done. They grow the hemp with love and care from the moment the seed is planted into the ground until the CBD connects with the very soul of the consumer. Companies line High Falls Hemp NY are the staples of the hemp farming communities because they take the time and initiative to grow some of the finest plants and produce some of the finest products on the planet. Do your research and see for yourself.