Neuroscience Helps in Recovering from Traumatic Events

You might have already heard about the famous havening therapy. The use of physical touch therapy to aid the psycho sensory therapy in order to remove the negative effect of unpleasant experiences is known as the havening techniques. With the use of havening technique every trauma can be cured. It is because the havening therapy enables the therapist to remove any kind of negativity that a memory has over a person’s present life. The following article shall provide you a brief overview of the havening method and the way it affects your life.

Alters The Way a Memory Is Stored

Havening therapy does not remove any memory that has been stored in your mind. The therapy creates a way for the therapist to remove the negative parts of a memory from the brain. In this way it de-links the unpleasant experience. The memory still remains but the therapist removes the unpleasant part of it that hinders your life in the present.

Effective Therapy

This therapy has been proved highly effective and works to erase all kinds of effects of traumas from the brain.

Eternal sunshine: Erasing bad memories, anxiety of traumatic events may be  possible, neuroscientists say | National Post

Scientific Research

The therapy was initially studied and discovered by Dr. Ronald who worked hard to create a solid scientific profile to prove how the method works. Studying it from the scientific point of view shall erase all your doubts. All the traumatic memories are precisely encoded inside the human brain. The therapist uses touch therapy to alter it.

How It Affects You in The Long Turn?

The havening therapy not only helps in recovering from past traumatic events. The therapy has also been proven quite efficient to help the patients in leading a healthy and anxiety free life in the future as well.

  • The therapy puts an impact on the brain that it takes events more positively.
  • The chemical and electrical balance of the therapy is altered in such a way that it increases the release of serotonin in the brain. It leads to a decrease in level of cortisol which decreases the level of stress in the patient’s body.
  • Your therapist then helps you in changing the way that memory affects you yourself. Hence you not only end up with recovery from any trauma but you also get a chance to lead a better life.