N95 NASK – A general Overview

N95 NASK – A general Overview

2020 seemed to be a year that was an infectious year that made both humanity and humans viral enough to infect others. But both humans and humanity also came up with many solutions to protect each other. It is very well said that necessity is the mother of invention. We came up with many unique inventions this year.

First of all, the usage of hand sanitizer was not a common thing. Our media both social and electronic encouraged people to use a hand sanitizer so that the input of infection should be mage less with every touch. But at the same time, we came up with a shortage of problems and also money expenditure problems. So making in use the necessity we came up with different sanitizer recopies so that you can make sanitizer by yourself at home with only a few ingredients that were needed and you don’t have to look up the sale options or the discount offers on hand sanitizers. Just like hand sanitizers the usage of the mask was also reinforced by the media again and again so that your oral and nasal pathways should be covered to avoid any sort of entrance of viral content that is the biggest monster of the year despite its very small size. But again at the same time, the N95 mask for sale was the biggest issue due to its shortage problem and piracy issues. But the latest people were encouraged to cover their most sensitive areas to avoid contact. Many types of masks including the N95 mask were made for the sale purpose to help people all around the world.

We also happen to see many sorts of funny and pity things at the same time. People using water gallons, plastic shopping bags, and cardboard cartoons to cover their faces. Funny in the sense that these things might not be sufficient enough to avoid the virus because the virus stays on different surfaces for different periods and pity in the sense that these people don’t have enough resources to even buy a mask with much more efficient than all the other things. Also, the markets have become short on the N95 mask making them available not for sale. And people have to look for the other options instead of the N95 mask for sale.

Coronavirus is not a joke at this moment when even its vaccine is not available in the market and scientists are working 24 hours round the clock to make a vaccine that will be helpful to save lives in the upcoming years. It means we have waited for a whole one and a half years and we might have to wait some months more for the vaccine but the question over here arises that will the vaccine be available for free? Not at all, so until then we have to make the usage of mask, sanitizer, and gloves a common thing, and sale of the N95 mask should be ensured for the people so they may purchase the N95 mask as a precautionary measure.

The only medication we can do is protect ourselves from the deathly virus by covering more and more to make sure that our body gets less chance to get infected. Cover yourself as much as you can to not only protect yourself but others too! Stay at home and avoid exposure to the environment because if your naked eye would have the ability to see the virus you probably would have never stepped out of your doors. But it’s the reality that you have to go out to fulfill your needs to earn, to study, to buy groceries so that you may feed yourself. So the usage of mask especially the N95 mask should be made a compulsion for your entrance.

The N95 should be made available to the public for sale purposes. It should be in reach to the hands of everyone. It should be used as a basic element of your dress code and should be with you everywhere and anywhere you go. Strict action should be taken against people who move around you without using a mask and they should be heavily charged by the police because it’s just like making people more vulnerable to infection and making their lives more sensitive to the virus.