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Is Professional Teeth Whitening Worth The Money?

Is professional teeth whitening worth the effort and expense? Wouldn’t DIY whitening kits be just as good?

These are questions people often ask, but in reality, having professional teeth whitening treatments done in a clinical setting is the fastest way to get rid of most common dental discolouration problems.

In recent years there has been a tightening up in the legality of buying and using over the counter at-home teeth whitening products because there have been so many serious health issues caused by these kits.

In the early days of teeth whitening, the market was unregulated, which means that you could buy teeth whitening kits that contained bleaching chemicals that were dangerously strong and came with poor quality dental trays that didn’t fit properly.

At one point anyone could offer treatments from beauty salons or spas without any professional training, this resulted in a high number of people being severely injured by the treatment. These days it is illegal for anyone but trained dentists to administer professional teeth whitening treatments.

DIY teeth whitening

You can get over the counter whitening products such as kinds of toothpaste that help to brighten your teeth, or teeth whitening strips that you stick onto the surface of your teeth that gradually bleach surface stains and lighten your teeth. However, these are made with very weak formulations to help prevent any accidental chemical burning, so are not very effective at whitening your teeth.

Many people will also think that it is much cheaper to use these over the counter whitening products than to have a professional treatment done at a dental clinic. But this can actually be a false economy because you would need to keep buying these whitening products and use them continuously for months on end to achieve even a significant or noticeable lightening effect.

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It can actually work out much quicker and much more cost-effective to have your teeth professionally whitened with Glow Dental in Battersea than to struggle on unsuccessfully at home with ineffective treatments.

Why choose Glow Dental teeth whitening treatments?

Glow Dental operates out of our practice at 87 Northcote Road, Battersea, London SW11 6PL. We offer professional teeth whitening treatments that are more effective and precisely tailored than any at-home solution.

Our in-office whitening treatments involve planning a closely monitored schedule for you to follow that uses stronger whitening ingredients than you can get over the counter. This is why most people choose to save time and opt for quicker and better results with Glow Dental.

Since your teeth whitening treatments will be closely monitored by our dental experts, our procedures are far safer and give better results than any other option. We offer both a professionally crafted home whitening kit that uses whitening gel. This only takes about 30 minutes per day for a couple of weeks to see the positive effects.

We also offer the Enlighten system teeth whitening kit that minimises sensitivity yet guarantees you a shade B1 – the whitest shade!

Contact our friendly team at Glow Dental, 87 Northcote Road, Battersea, London SW11 6PL for your first teeth whitening appointment