How Water Filtration Bottles Benefit the Planet and Your Health

Clean water is a necessity but most bottled water comes in plastic bottles and that’s not the best option for the environment or our health. Carrying around a water bottle that filters any water will not only keep you safe from pollutants, but it’s also a much more eco-friendly option for the conscious consumer.

Here’s how a water bottle with filter can benefit your health and the planet.

Benefits to Health

Several contaminants are found in drinking water. Whether it’s overflowing waste water, untreated sewage, or faulty systems for water treatment; a water bottle with filter will get rid of contaminants for you so that you can enjoy water that isn’t polluted.

Several common contaminants in water are carcinogenic or responsible for causing other diseases. Arsenic has been linked to cancer and aluminum to Alzheimer’s disease. Chlorine can damage the kidney, heart, and liver. Fluoride damages teeth, bones, joints and thyroid while lead has been linked to hearing impairments, as well as damage to the nervous system.

When harmful bacteria are removed from drinking water using water filtration bottles, you’re likely to experience lesser gastrointestinal issues.

A filtrate water bottle system also makes the water smell and taste better and this indirectly affects your health by helping you drink more of it throughout the day. Because you’re more likely to drink better tasting water, you’ll end up experiencing health benefits resulting from greater oxygenation throughout the body and more effective elimination of waste from the body. You’ll remain hydrated and this can translate into other benefits such as better hair, skin, and nails, improved brain functioning, and even weight loss.

The fact that you can carry a water bottle with filter anywhere with you makes it easy to experience these benefits.


Benefits to the Environment

Plastic water bottles can be found almost anywhere today. The best filtered water bottles also help to reduce the reliance on plastic water bottles, thereby proving to be a more environmentally sustainable option. Plastic is non-biodegradable and most often ends up in our waterbodies, affecting our marine ecosystem and the larger planet. Plastics break down over time into micro plastics which are then consumed by unsuspecting marine animals.

By opting for water filtration bottles, you’ll be reducing the use of plastic while still being able to easily carry around a water bottle to quench your thirst. The slick fit and design of the best filtered water bottles will not only keep you hydrated on the road, but also protect the planet from the dangers of plastic.

Our bottles can help you do this. Get in touch with us today for your very own water filtration bottles.