How a Quality Hemp Company Grows Hemp

How a Quality Hemp Company Grows Hemp

The way to tell whether or not a hemp company produces safe, effective and healthy hemp products is how they take care of their plants. Hemp is a type of plant that needs adequate care and nutrients in order to be as healthy and productive as possible. Whenever you find a hemp company that cares for its plants with regard to the plant, the customer, and the environment, you know you found a keeper.

What is Hemp?

Hemp has been around much longer than most people know. There are records of hemp products dated back thousands of years ago. Hemp was used for clothing, paper, food, and other goods by our ancestors. Hemp is an offset of the cannabis plant. These plants are beautifully green in color with brilliant flowers when they bloom. Over the centuries farmers and botanists alike have bred, crossbred, and experimented with variants of cannabis plants in order to breed in more or less THC depending on the purpose of the plant. Today, the industrial hemp plant is grown throughout the world for industrial purposes, and for the coveted cannabinoid CBD. Hemp plants, in the United States, are plants that contain less than 3% THC.

How is Hemp Grown?

The first answer to this question is whether or not you actually care about the plants and the quality of the cannabinoids that they will produce. Some farms only grow hemp to create products such as textiles and bioplastics. Hemp plants like this will most likely have a lower quality than hemp that is grown to produce CBD. When you plant hemp for the purpose of producing CBD products you have to plant the crops with care, in fertile, healthy soil. The plants can not be planted too closely together, roughly 1,000 plants per one acre of land.

The seeds are put into drilled holes that are strategically placed in order to maximize the health of the plant, and the use of the soil. The seedlings need extra care and have to be consistently watered.

How Is Hemp Harvested?

Here again, we visit the purpose of the hemp plant. If the plants are growing solely for the purpose of textile or other goods, the tops of the plants are cut off so that the seeds can be gathered for the next season, then the middles of the plants are chopped down and gathered in whatever way that the particular farm uses. Some farms use a combine to collect their harvest, others use workers and trucks.

If the hemp is being harvested for the production of CBD products, the process is a little more delicate. Workers will cut the plants down at the stocks and set the plants on carts. These carts will be carried off to the next phase of the process. CBD is found in its highest concentrations among the flowers, or buds of the hemp plant. When workers pull the plants, they make sure to take great care not to ruin the buds.

Drying the Harvest

When hemp plants are used for generating hemp extracts the plants have to be dried out and cared for in a manner that prevents molds and mildews from growing on the plant during the process. Plants that have been harvested are promptly taken to an area to dry that is well-ventilated and at the correct temperature that is conducive to quick drying. All it takes is a little bit of mold to be present on the hemp buds during the extraction process and the whole batch can be in jeopardy of contamination.

Care and Knowledge

What matters the most when growing high-quality, healthy hemp plants that produce great CBD is that they are well cared for and that the farmers know what they are doing. There is science behind growing hemp plants and if the grower is unaware of this detail, then the CBD will not be as high-grade as possible. Wherever you purchase hemp products, make sure that the hemp is grown on a responsible, high-quality farm with people that care about their customers High Falls Hemp NY has a reputation for being a leader in the hemp industry and bringing the best CBD to people from seed to soul.