FUT Hair Transplant’s Pros and Cons

FUT Hair Transplant’s Pros and Cons

People suffering from excessive hair loss continue to look for an ideal cure for hair loss. To stop losing their locks, they are able to do something. Fortunately, for treating hair loss, various hair fall treatments and surgical/non-surgical procedures are accessible. In certain situations, however, hair loss in advanced stages makes home remedies useless. A much more effective and lengthy solution is required for such people, and that remedy is a hair transplant. Most doctors and clinicians prefer it over the more modern one, referred to as FUE implantation.

The most common benefits and drawbacks of FUT hair transplantation have been shared in this article.

The FUT Hair Transplant Pros

Natural-Looking results

FUT offers outcomes that look and sound more natural compared to FUE hair transplantation. The primary explanation for the natural-looking results is that the grafts are collected at once from the scalp instead of being separately harvested. The findings match the normal trend of hair growth because of this.


The more affordable alternative is FUT, among the two common hair restoration techniques. The answer is that it does not need as much accuracy, time, effort, and care as FUE. So it costs less as hair transplant surgeons can do it easily.

Long Term Results

Patients have recorded outcomes that have lasted longer than FUE hair transplantation, although it is not necessary. It makes it easier to remove an entire follicle as the donor region is confined to a small section of the scalp in FUT.

Cons of transplanting FUT hair

Scarring Noticeable

The obvious scarring is one of the most important drawbacks of FUT hair transplantation. Since the operation involves extracting a strip from and suturing the donor region, it leaves behind a visible scar. Although the scar can be concealed under longer haircuts, shorter haircuts are not suitable. Many individuals also refuse this procedure for hair loss as they do not want to see a longitudinal scar on their scalp.

Discomfort in Post-Op

Post-op pain is an inevitable side-effect because it is a surgical procedure. In addition, the donor region is typically the scalp’s backside, making lying straight much more painful.

Sluggish recovery

Another downside to FUT hair transplantation is that the time of healing is relatively extensive. It’s mostly because the stitches need time to heal, and without them healing, a patient can not fully recover. So, during this time, patients are not permitted to engage in strenuous physical activity. It is necessary to prevent the opening of sutures or the widening of the scar.

Stretching Scalp

While after a single session, the scalp stretching risk is not normal, it may occur after several sessions. A FUT hair transplant should not be carried out by those suffering from progressive baldness. They could end up stretching the scalp if they do another operation over the years. Thus a FUE hair transplant must be considered for such cases.

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