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Donor Egg IVF – Why Use Donor Eggs?

Couples suffering from infertility worldwide are looking forward to having a child but there perhaps be a number of different things that prevent them from doing just that. This could form the woman, man or a combination of both partners. IVF is an amazing procedure that can be an option to conceive a child. If a woman’s eggs are not healthy enough, donor eggs can be used instead. If a woman has issues with her fallopian tube, donor eggs prove to be a great solution.  Donor eggs IVF is suitable for women who:

  • Prior IVF treatment failures
  • Ovarian reserve is reducing
  • Genetic diseases that are a big concern for your child
  • Ovarian failure

The IVF treatment procedure has seen more and more women starting to use donor eggs rather than their own. This is particularly true in women who are over 40 just because their eggs perhaps not be good enough to form a child. Once a woman hits the 40 mark, her chances of having a child reduces drastically. In 2005, there was an estimated 12 percent of IVF treatment procedures that made use of the donor eggs. IVF treatment offers the highest success rates out of all the other reproductive technologies. Women who prefer using donor eggs as opposed to frozen eggs had a success rate of 44 percent.

Finding Donor Egg IVF

Generally, you will not know who your egg donor is. There are, nevertheless, some couples who prefer to know more about who their donors are. This is generally because perhaps the couple has used the eggs of a relative or a close friend and they want to stay updated and also allow the donor to see the child. There perhaps be some legal steps drawn up through to set up restrictions and guidelines. Donor clinics generally have longer waiting periods as opposed to agencies, but with an agency, you perhaps not be able to find good eggs as you would if you were able to find through a clinic. You may have an option to locate a donor all yourself, but keep this fact in mind that you will be the one responsible for interviewing them. Usually, when you get in touch with a professional agency or clinic the donors are pre-screened for eligibility before you actually choose them. This helps you ensure that you are getting healthy eggs. More and more clinics and agencies out there are getting strict as to their standards to become an egg donor.