All Essential Points about Preventative Services Offered by General Dentists

All Essential Points about Preventative Services Offered by General Dentists

Although general dentistry is the primary branch of dentistry, it contains a wide range of dental procedures for valued patients of all ages. All general dentists are professionally-trained to achieve enough knowledge and expertise to diagnose and treat all your dental needs early and save your oral health. Of course, it should be noted that children are not suggested to visit the general dentist. Instead, they should make an appointment with an experienced pediatric dentist. Based on a dedicated pediatric dentist in Oakville, these knowledgeable dental specialists are experienced and trained enough to provide the best treatment related to the dental issues children are challenged with in a friendly atmosphere. Generally, all beneficial services offered by professional general dentists fall into three essential categories, preventative, restorative and cosmetic dental. This helpful article informs you about all preventative services regularly performed in your routine dental check-ups twice a year.

Common Preventative Dental Services

The following items are the most important preventative dental services that your experienced and dedicated general dentists will offer to improve your oral hygiene and keep your oral health in the best shape:

Fluoride Therapy: These essential dental services should be performed at least twice a year during regular dental visits. During this procedure, your knowledgeable and sophisticated dentists will apply fluoride gels containing all vital minerals directly to the teeth to increase the strength of your teeth’s surfaces. As a result, it can empower your teeth to fight off dental decay and infection properly. In addition, those who have weak teeth are more likely to experience dental cracks and chips, so fluoride therapy can potentially diminish the risk of these damages.

Dental Sealants Procedures: As everyone knows, young patients’ teeth are more prone to decay and cavities because they are so interested in having sugary food and beverages. Therefore, professional general dentists highly recommend this beneficial procedure to improve the strength of back molars. This procedure will be straightforward; just some liquids should be placed over your back teeth, and your general dentists will use a special UV light device to harden the material. And create quick results.


Deep Dental Cleaning: Although by daily brushing and flossing, you can take significant steps to keep your teeth clean and healthy, some hardened stains and plaque cannot be thoroughly removed without the help of dedicated general dentists. They will provide you with professional dental cleaning during your regular appointments to ensure all plaque is removed from the surface of your teeth and the risk of dental discoloration is eliminated. In addition, some experienced general dentists will offer deep dental cleaning in such cases that dangerous bacteria go deeper than the gum lines and can potentially lead to severe gum diseases. The most important point that should be noted is that the procedure won’t cause pain and discomfort as your general dentists use numbing agents before starting the process.

Composite Dental Bonding: Another standard dental procedure that will be provided for prevention is dental bonding. During this procedure, your dedicated general dentists will apply some special materials called composite resin over the damaged teeth and improve their strength to avoid chips and cracks. In addition, the resin can potentially repair minor chips by properly covering the imperfections.

Finally, if the health of your teeth is vital for you, don’t skip your regular visits with your professional general dentist. The mentioned items are just a few beneficial services offered by general dentists. There is a wide range of valuable dental care services they will provide for you whenever you need help.