All About Vapes

All About Vapes

Adults are attracted to smoking as they get bust with studies and work. Some are introduced at school and others at college. It is more of social behaviour that people try out to fit into society. But the habits stay with the user for a long. The bad part is that it affected others as well. But now there are ways that can help you enjoy nicotine even in the company of your loved ones without harming their health. This is by use of e-cigarettes like logic and many more. They offer the same satisfaction of nicotine but by looking cool. There are different colour options as well for you to select. Girls can buy pink logic compact pods and devices. It will look like a mascara or broad eyeliner. This new trendy-looking device is being loved by the users for the comfort of using it.

So What is the Process Involved in Vaping?

As the name suggests it is related to the formation of vapours of nicotine from the salt. No direct tobacco is used. Also, in this method, the tobacco is not burnt but heated. So, there is partial combustion and there are chances of lesser toxicity. No smoke is created and you can use it while in the company of others. They may not even notice it in your pocket unless you use it. The smell is also pleasant if you opt for a fruity or a minty version of the logic compactpods. These pods are basically like refills. They hold the e-liquid for the vape. These can be easily replaced and new flavours can be tried. The main device is the same. There are no buttons or settings. Once the person starts to inhale from the mouthpiece the vapours are formed and the user can get it. The sensors are activated. And the pods do not fall off as they are built with magnetic points to stay attached to the device. The user can easily switch between different flavours and also increase or decrease the amount of nicotine by change of pod.

Why are More and More People Taking up Vaping?

The best part is that you can keep your loved ones safe even when you are smoking with them. In this method there is no passive smoking. The user can enjoy different flavours all on the same device. The device needs to be bought once, so it is a safe investment. The battery too does not need to be changed; it can be easily charged. The satisfaction is much more in vape users than in the users of traditional cigarettes. Also, one vape can be used several times like the cigarette, that is burnt off in one go. It is smart and portable so it can be taken anywhere. Logic compact devices are only 10 centimeters in length that makes it so easy to carry around. It can fit in your pocket or purse for ready usage.