3 Ways To Make Your Hair Longer And Healthier

There are so many different things that contribute to how healthy your hair is and how quickly it grows. Some of these are out of our control, such as genetics or the weather, yet there are things you can do to improve your hair care routine without spending much money at all. Changing a couple of things in your daily routine can dramatically improve the health of your hair, so what are you waiting for?

Increase Intake Of Nutrients

Increasing your intake of nutrients is one of the best ways to help to protect your hair, encouraging it to be healthier and grow quickly. So many different nutritional deficiencies have been linked to hair loss, so being considerate of which nutrients you should be consuming is important.

For example, zinc supplements will help prevent excess hair from shedding during everyday life, as well as when you are washing, brushing and styling it. You can also access zinc through red meat, poultry, whole grains and many different fortified foods.

Wash Your Hair 2 Times A Week

Your hair is full of natural oils which help to keep it healthy. If you wash your hair everyday or even every other day, you will be removing these oils which are vital to having longer and stronger hair. So, aim to wash your hair only 2 times a week and you will notice a drastic difference in how healthy it feels. You may feel like your hair is more greasy than usual to begin with, so use dry shampoo to get it feeling fresh. After a few months, your hair will get used to being washed less often and won’t get as greasy.

The final benefit is that you will save plenty of money on shampoo and conditioners by washing it less. The savings will enable you to spend more money on high quality salon shampoos and conditioners, which your hair will love you for!

Minimise Use Of Heat

Regularly using heat on your hair in the form of hairdryers, curlers and straighteners can make your hair extremely dry and brittle. This will make it extremely difficult to grow your hair, as well as meaning you will need to have it cut more often to remove unappealing split ends. Where possible, don’t use heat on your hair. Leave hair to air dry and try unique styling methods like dressing gown curls.

Of course, we will sometimes be in a rush or have a special occasion we want to look our best for. If using heat is unavoidable, make sure you use a high quality heat protectant spray and minimise the amount of time the heat is in contact with your hair. Using a leave in conditioner will also help to reduce the amount of damage to your hair.



So, there you have it! A few small changes to your daily life that will transform the appearance of your hair. The era of social media has encouraged all kinds of crazy trends which supposedly will make your hair healthier. However, the best thing you can do to avoid damage is to ignore what you see on social media and focus on the simple things you can do at home as seen above! Be patient and you will notice a huge difference.