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  Daisy Stuff

Running in Heels Exciting News! My new book: Running in Heels is available! Featuring a brand new character, Daisy Davenport, Running in Heels is a blisteringly funny story of riches and bitches, boys and bullies, liberally sprinkled with fabulous accessories. If you loved Electra, I hope you'll take Daisy to your heart too.

To read a sneak preview of the first chapter, click here.

It's wonderful to get so many letters and emails from readers; please contact me to let me know what you think of Daisy! And don't forget, there are five Electra Brown books to enjoy.

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  Electra Stuff

Life at the Shallow End Out of My Depth Swimming Against the Tide Taking the Plunge Falling Hook, Line and Sinker

First there was Life at The Shallow End.

Then came Out of my Depth and Swimming Against the Tide and Taking The Plunge.

Now there's Falling Hook, Line and Sinker.

If you can't wait to hot foot it down to your local bookstore (or press a key on your computer), you can read the first chapter here in the Electra Stuff section, as well as check out the fifth Electra Brown book, Falling Hook, Line and Sinker, now available!

And for those new to Electra's exploits, you can read the first chapters of Life at the Shallow End, Out of my Depth, Swimming Against the Tide, Taking The Plunge and Falling Hook, Line & Sinker.

  Shallow Stuff

Shallow Stuff is full of stuff and nonsense including Take the How Shallow Are You? Quiz and the What Sort of a Bezzie Are You? Quiz!

  Writing Stuff

You'll find information on my backlist, a snapshot of where I write... and ten light-hearted tips for those of you that yearn to be a writer on the Writing Stuff page.

  Random Stuff

Random Stuff does exactly what it says on the tin. Or in the title. Stuff that makes me laugh. Stuff that's interesting. An ever-changing section about stuff in my life right now. If I only updated this when something spectacular happened such as climbing Mount Everest wearing just a thermal bikini and a pair of fake fur ear-muffs I'd never have anything to say, so it will be my life at the shallow end, the shoes I've bought, the tunes I've downloaded, the books I've read and so on.

  Author Stuff

Finally, under Author Stuff there's stuff about me and my life, how to contact me and some serious stuff for serious people.

Remember I love to receive your comments and suggestions, so do feel free to contact me at helen@helenbaileybooks.com.

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